September 12, 2017 9:03 am

Enjol โ€“ Workforce Performance Solution

What is a Workforce Performance Solution?

A Workforce Performance Solution is an analytical means by which to identify key employee mindsets and behaviors.

Workforce Performance Solution Enjol is a cloud based workforce solution with the aim to develop and maintain key underlying qualities and behaviors, thus driving bottom-line out performance.

OLSPS Analytics Workforce Performance Solution Enjol helps to distinguish the principal factors that drive company-specific performance through various predictive techniques. Furthermore, individual psychometric profiles enable employee-specific development of capability gaps that ultimately optimise potential.

Which Industries and Companies Could Benefit From our Workforce Solution?

As Workforce Performance Solution Enjol is company tailored, the range of applicable industries is quite broad. Any industry that is highly dependent on a large, performance-driven workforce can benefit from Enjol.

Enterprises with workforce whose performance is highly dependent on an array of technical skills and mindsets need implementation of Enjol the most.

Great examples of enterprises who will benefit from using Workforce Performance Solution Enjol:

    Banks and Financial organisations with multiple offices and branches around the country or even around the world.
    Insurance companies with multiple offices around the country or even around the world.
    Telecommunication companies with multiple offices around the country or even around the world.

The Workforce Performance Solution Enjol can directly benefit your company with:

  1. 8 โ€“ 12% increase in capabilities within 18 months

  2. 5 โ€“ 15% lift in bottom-line performance per year

  3. 5-10% increase in revenue per a year

Why Enjol is better than any other Traditional Workforce Performance HR Solution?

1. Enjol Cloud Based Solution

As the Enjol solution is entirely cloud-based, the full process is handled remotely by the OLSPS team.

2. Advanced Data Collecting Technology

As with any predictive model, data is key. Company-tailored web surveys collect specific workforce and behavioural information over a 10 week period.

3. Advanced Predictive Analytics Software

Predictive analytics algorithms generate stable and reliable models, to give strong explanatory and predictive power behind workforce performance.

4. Advanced Reporting System

Personalised, in-depth reports deliver objective, relevant, and actionable information that highlight key challenges and opportunities.

5. Advanced HR Implementation System

Through behavioural science and key insights, action is taken to ensure sustained progress that enables a competitive advantage through positive transformation of employee qualities and behaviours.

Enjol increase workforce performance by answering five key questions:

  1. 1. Which specific combination of employee capabilities drive outperformance?

  2. 2.What is the current baseline of employee capabilities?

  3. 3. Where are the priority capability gaps and opportunities that must be secured to lift performance?

  4. 4. How best to propel action to build capabilities and lift performance?

  5. 5. What progress is being made and how can outperformance be sustained?

How Long does it take to implement our Workforce Performance Solution?

Overall the entire implementation of our workforce performance solution takes around 25 weeks.

Discovery; Design ‘Proof of concept’
Analyse; Design
Scale; Launch; Embed

Phase 1: Discovery, Design, Interviews

An advanced in-house built software is used to develop company tailored web-based surveys (5 weeks).

Employees complete a number of these web-based surveys on a regular basis to create robust personal psychometric profiles (10 weeks).

Structured interviews
Design initial pilot
Conduct pilot study

Phase 2: Analyse, Design

The psychometric profiles are linked, through a number of predictive analytic techniques, to key performance indices (unique to the company) (5 weeks).

Conduct analysis
Build model
Result feedback
Initial design of programme

Phase 3: Scale, Launch, Embed

Individual, as well as, regional/company reports are generated for clients, based on the objective insights discovered, outlining a detailed action plan to most effectively improve employee performance. It can take up to 3-5 weeks.

Design approach to scale
Launch and integrate
Conduct assessment of impact

The Cloud Based Workforce Performance Solution process involves:


Create database Questionnaires


Build model Strong explanatory and predictivve power


Development plans Capability to performance


Implementation of plans Securing impact in application


Sustainable improvement ~5-10% p.a. increase in financial performance

The entire round is repeated every 6 months to 1 year to monitor and update performance indicators and provide additional support.

Workforce Solution Case Study: Leading Australian Financial Services Client

The client appointed Enjol to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of sales staff with respect to bottom-line performance. Within a few months, Enjol built a detailed database and robust algorithm that used mindsets and behaviours to improve performance.

Over a 10 week period, employees were issued surveys twice a week; one focused on themselves and one focused on a nominated colleague. After the 10 weeks, the results were aggregated and psychometric profiles developed of each individual. Additionally, key performance indicators were identified against which individual profiles could be compared.