September 12, 2017 9:03 am

Enjol – Workforce Performance Solution

Connecting mindsets and behaviours to performance

Together with our partner, Enjol, we provide a cloud based solution to large service and sales organisations to lift the capabilities, productivity and performance of their workforces.

Specific to each client we work with, we deploy sensors and predictive analytics to identify precisely which mindsets and behaviors drive bottom-line outperformance. A combination of behavioral science, traditional management processes and individual psychometric feedback reports are then used to develop priority mindsets and behaviors across the organization.

The result: A talent-based competitive advantage . . . transforming human resources into Human Capital.

Our Workforce Performance Solution delivers tangible value

  1. 8 – 12% increase in prioritised mindsets and behaviors within 18 months
  2. 5 – 15% p.a. increase in bottom-line performance (along with associated leading indicators; e.g. customer advocacy; people and culture outcomes)

A broad set of industries benefit from our Workforce Performance Solution

Our approach is tailored to each client we work with. As such, the range of organisations who benefit from our solutions is broad – any sales and service focused company with large workforces whose performance is dependent on their attitudes, mindsets, and behaviors. Examples include banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, retailors and telcos.

Our solution is superior to traditional approaches

1. Performance directedBuild competitive advantage and sustained bottom-line outperformance; rather than standalone, feel-good culture interventions.
2. Focused on Mindsets and Behaviors
Identify and develop the specific underlying ‘mindsets / behaviors’ that drive outperformance; rather than a scatter gun over-reliance on traditional management structures, processes and systems to drive behavioral change.
3. Data driven, fact based insight
Predictive analytics generate stable and reliable models, with strong explanatory and predictive power on workforce performance; rather than anecdotal, qualitative and fluffy ‘best practice’.
4. Action focused
Sustained action through the delivery of objective, relevant and actionable information; and the application of behavioural science; rather than generic techniques, superficial tools and enforced habits
5. Enduring impact
Energy multiplier’; reinforcing loops of feedback, capability and confidence to act, learn, and improve; rather than tactical top-down’ programs, which distract, and require high levels of ongoing management effort
6. Advanced delivery platform
Cloud based process; unique data collecting technologies; powerful modelling software; insight-filled feedback and reporting system; behavioral science driven implementation

Four straightforward and efficient steps to implement our Workforce Solution

1. Deploy Sensors

Baseline database of mindsets and behaviors

2. Develop predictive model

The mindsets and behaviors that drive outperformance

3. Deliver insights

Capability building program

4. Apply behavioural science

Sustained action, development and performance improvement

A ‘light touch’ to get going

An initial pilot typically involves:

~100 participants
15 minutes / 12 weeks

The Cloud Based Workforce Performance Solution process involves:


Precisely which mindsets and behaviors drive outperformance


Current baseline of capabilities


Priority gaps and opportunities


How to systematically build these across the organization


What progress is being made

Workforce Solution Case Study: Leading Australian Financial Services Client

The client invested for many years to achieve a leading industry frontline sales and service performance. To sustain and further enhance their competitive position, they then pursued a new wave of innovations, and Enjol was appointed to contribute to this effort. Across multiple Business Units, Enjol has built unique databases and algorithms to identify the banker mindsets and behaviour that result in superior performance. This information has been comprehensively communicated across the bank via workshops and individual feedback reports; and used to successfully strengthen prioritised capabilities; and associated performance metrics.