October 26, 2017 2:36 pm

The Scorecard Solution facilitates a quick and simple way to rank individuals or group of individuals against a set of criteria relating to a key metric, such as credit risk.

The OLSPS Scorecard Solution is built by evaluating an individual in terms of credit risk. These scorecards are created by using specific data about individual demographics, credit history, and behaviour, such as recent purchase transactions, etc. With the use of industry standard methodology, the OLSPS Scorecard enables businesses to optimise decision-making processes through the use of automatized scoring calculations.

This Scorecard Solution is essential to assess customers’ credit risk for any credit provider:

OLSPS Analytics Scorecard Solution can be used by: retailers, vehicle finance companies, home loan providers, banks and other credit providers.

How does the OLSPS Analytics Scorecard solution work?

OLSPS Analytics Scorecard Solution was developed to score credit risk. By leveraging the data already available within an institution, the OLSPS Analytics Scorecard Solution can successfully identify low risk credit applicants.

OLSS Analytics Scorecard Process

The Scorecard Solution allows experienced and inexperienced users to analyse their data in an interactive way.

  • The user, who is not expected to have any training in analytics, will easily be able to run new data through the model which is trained to identify favourable credit applicants.
  • The more analytical minded user can easily retrain the Scorecard Solution model with OLSOLV as and when required. Note, the analyses detailed in the following section are some examples of what could be automated as part of the solution.

The client determines level of interaction with the Scorecard Solution, the detail and level of automation of the solution


OLSPS Analytics Scorecard Solution allows the user to perform variable transformations and create new features from existing variables.

Each time the model is run, a variety of model outputs and performance measures are produced in order to assess the validity of the model.

The performance measures of the Scorecard Model include:

  • Predictor importance outputs
  • Coincidence matrices for both training and testing data sets
  • Gini coefficients for both training and testing data sets
  • Area Under the Curve (AUC) figures for both training and testing data sets
  • Gains plots for both training and testing data sets

The unique value proposition of the OLSPS Analytics Scorecard Solution

OLSPS Analytics Scorecard Solution is deployed on our OLSOLV deployment platform, which takes the form of an in-browser dashboard:

Save TimeOur OLSOLV platform cuts down the implementation time of a Scorecard Solution by as much as 75%
Excellent analytical expertiseWhen deployed on our OLSOLV platform, the OLSPS Analytics Scorecard Solution wraps up years of expert churn model development into a simple, user friendly dashboard – no data analysts required.
Cost EffectiveBoth OLSOLV and the OLSPS Scorecard Solution are developed in-house, meaning that OLSPS Analytics offers a Scorecard Solution at a significantly reduced price!
High ROIThere is a high return on investment when implementing a Scorecard Solution.The OLSPS Scorecard Solution on OLSOLV delivers very powerful management information in terms of risk and the optimisation your client base.
Affordable to any business sizeThe ease of use and deployment, and the affordability, of the OLSPS Scorecard Solution on OLSOLV effectively brings high end predictive analytics to small and medium businesses, or to big business in an easy to implement manner with comparatively low overhead costs.
IBM softwareThe OLSPS Scorecard Solution uses IBM SPSS Modeler Server, customised in-house, at its core. SPSS Modeler is IBM’s most powerful, industry leading, analytical engine. As a Gold IBM Business Partner, we at OLSPS Analytics can embed this powerful software at a greatly reduced price.
Cloud-basedAlternatively, there is a Cloud Based Scorecard Solution which can be accessed from anywhere – the perfect solution for companies with multiple offices around the country or the world, those moving into the cloud environment or simply those without the hardware readily available.

How will OLSPS Analytics implement the Scorecard Solution?

The OLSPS Scorecard Solution is deployed on the in-house OLSPS Analytics OLSOLV Deployment Platform. OLSOLV significantly simplifies the ability of semi-technical end users to run complex and sophisticated predictive solutions. This eliminates the need for a firm to employ in-house specialists.

A minimum of 3 years of historical data is required to implement a Scorecard Solution.

How long does it take to implement a Scorecard Solution?

Using OLSOLV reduces the time it takes to implement a predictive analytics solutions by about 75%.

If a companies data is Model Ready (Clean Data) then OLSPS Analytics will be able to implement our Scorecard Solution on OLSOLV in as little as 4 Weeks.

If a company’s data is Not Model Ready (Dirty Data) then OLSPS Analytics will be able to clean your company data and prepare it for implementation. The whole data preparation and implementation process can take from 4 to 14 weeks and it includes: data discovery, extraction and integration, data validation, cleaning, checking data integrity, transforming data, feature creation, creation of aggregates or disaggregate, data staging, auditing and publishing.

OLSPS Analytics team can assess your company data for free and advise you on the timeline of  your Scorecard Solution implementation. Request free assessment now!

How much would it cost to implement a Scorecard Solution?

The price of a Scorecard Solution will depend on the company size. Company size is identified by number of users and PVU (Processor Value Unit) which is determined by the number of cores your company server has. Each core has 70 PVU.

A Processor Value Unit (PVU) is a unit of measure used to differentiate the licensing of software on distributed processor technologies (defined by Processor Vendor, Brand, Type and Model Number).

IBM Software as part of the Scorecard Solution is installed on a Server.

Please see factors which identify business size in terms of data below:

Request Scorecard Solution Quote based on your Business Size.

Use Case Scenario of OLSPS Analytics Scorecard Solution for P-Cubed:

P-Cubed is a leading management consulting firm specialising in delivering critical and complex programmes and portfolios for governments, agencies and major institutions across all industry sectors. P-Cubed had a requirement for an automated scorecard development process to facilitate credit-based response modelling.

P-Cubed required a bespoke scorecard to assess customer credit risk using credit history and other demographic variables as inputs. The OLSPS Scorecard was deployed for this purpose, and provided P-Cubed with a facility for the rapid automated development of scorecards alongside performance assessment utilities.