July 20, 2017 5:13 pm

What is OLSOLV?

The OLSOLV Deployment Platform is an in-house product designed by OLSPS Analytics. The purpose of OLSOLV is to simplify both the production of sophisticated predictive solutions for the end user and the integration of those solutions into a production environment. Predictive solutions now become easier and quicker to build and deploy.

OLSOLV Use Cases

OLSOLV can be used to simplify the creation and deployment of any predictive solution.

In particular, OLSOLV has been successfully applied to predictive analytical solutions, such as:

Customer Segmentation

Credit Risk

Churn (or customer attrition)

Fraud prediction

The Difference

By utilising prebuilt predictive solutions, OLSOLV enables models to be built very easily by non-specialists. This eliminates the problem whereby many firms don’t have the in-house capability to fully utilise conventional software.


OLSOLV makes predictive solutions available to organisations of any size and in any industry by simplifying the production and implementation of predictive solutions, and reducing the costs typically associated with a complex analytical engagement.

How it Works