July 20, 2017 2:32 pm

What is IBM SPSS Statistics Software?

IBM SPSS Statistics is an analytical software package designed for structured data. It contains a far-reaching set of tools aimed at statistical analysis, from basic to advanced. Additionally, IBM SPSS Statistics’ robust data management functionalities empower those using SPSS to purposefully prepare and responsibly report on data.

What can IBM SPSS Statistics Software do?

    • Prepare data files using merging capabilities, missing value analysis, validation checks, weighting, variable modification, and more.
    • Analyse data, e.g. statistical testing, regression modelling, factor analysis, segmentation, classification, survival analysis, time series analysis, neural networks, and more.
    • Report results with highly customisable tables and graphs in a wide range of popular software formats.
    • Automate all data preparation, analysis, and reporting with the user-friendly programming functionality.

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Who typically uses IBM SPSS Statistics?

Industries using SPSS Statistics the most are Academic Institutions and Research Organisations. The former teaches members how to conduct data analysis with SPSS Statistics, while the latter uses SPSS Statistics for data analysis on a daily basis. Furthermore, SPSS Statistics is used in the following industries:

Academic Institutions

Research Organisations

Financial services



Information and Communication Technology (ICT)



SPSS Statistics analysis often include: credit risk analysis, customer insights, time series forecasting, market segmentation, churn analysis, and survival analysis. Reporting and presenting analysis results are made easy with popular features such as TableLooks and the Output Management System, for exporting output automatically.

SPSS Statistics can be used for designing and executing complex sample designs, which is especially useful for organisations conducting survey based research. Companies that need more efficient processing of large data sets or who have hundreds of users appreciate the additional power offered by IBM SPSS Statistics Server.


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Senior statisticians and novice data analysts alike love to use SPSS Statistics. It is popular because it is user-friendly and easy to use, while remaining tremendously powerful.