Career Opportunities


OLSPS Analytics offers amazing career opportunities in the world of Data Science and Predictive Analytics Business solutions.

OLSPS Analytics is an international, market-leading predictive analytics and business solutions company. OLSPS Analytics translates the needs of industries into valuable business solutions through innovative technologies.

Contribute to OLSPS Analytics’ global impact by joining our highly qualified and creative team of data scientists, system integrators, programmers, project managers and digital marketing specialists.

As a Silver IBM partner, OLSPS Analytics provides all its employees with access to the latest IBM certifications, technologies and knowledge.



Permanent Positions

Benefits of working at OLSPS Analytics:

  • Be a member of a highly qualified and innovative team of professionals
  • Gain experience working with large corporations around the world
  • Opportunity to work with the latest IBM technologies
  • Attain IBM certifications
  • Attend conferences and hi-tech workshops around the world
  • Work with the brightest and most extraordinary people in the predictive analytics industry
  • OLSPS values each and every employee
  • Conducive environment for individual growth.

Read OLSPS Analytics mission statement and learn about company culture here