Afrilytics – New OLSPS Analytics Venture

October 17, 2017 9:12 am

The leading SPSS training provider in South Africa, OLSPS Analytics, is happy to announce the launch of our new venture: Afrilytics is the latest OLSPS Analytics offering which provides Data Analysis training in South Africa  as part of a dynamic tourism package. This package allows delegates to experience all the best that South Africa has to offer, whilst learning the ins and outs of data analysis at a fraction of what one could be expected to pay for similar courses in a first-world economy. provides a fantastic opportunity for enterprises to combine upskilling of employees with exciting teambuilding in South Africa! Afrilytics – learn, travel, and explore one of the world’s foremost travel destinations. Afrilytics is welcoming visitors to attend SPSS training in Cape Town or Johannesburg and combine it with a variety of tourism activities, including:

wine touswhale watchingCape peninsula tours

And many more…

All tour packages designed and managed by experienced tour operator “Southern Africa 360 Luxury holidays”.

Why do data analysis training in South Africa with Afrilytics?

More than 20 Data Analysis training courses with IBM Certified Trainers.

BEST PRICES for corporates from overseas in South Africa for Basic Use of SPSS, Data Handling with SPSS, Statistical Analysis with SPSS L1, SPSS – Custom Tables L1, SPSS – Custom Tables L2, Survey Data Analysis with SPSS, Conducting Competitive Surveys, SPSS TAFS (Text Analytics for Surveys), Market Segmentation with SPSS, SPSS – Complex Samples, SPSS – Syntax L1, SPSS – Syntax L2, Statistical Analysis with SPSS L2, Regression with SPSS, ANOVA with SPSS, SPSS – Decision Trees, Time Series Analysis with SPSS, IBM SPSS Amos, machine learning and more.

Top Training Facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Combine team building with skills training for the price of regular training in Europe, North America, or Australia.

Training in Cape Town with day tours, such as Cape of Good Hope and Penguins, Table Mountain, Cape Winelands, Whale Watching, Great White Shark diving and beautiful Cape Town city tour experience.

Training in Johannesburg, combined with day tours and an African Safari in the Kruger Park.

Who should attend SPSS training in South Africa with Afrilytics?

Enterprises who are already using IBM SPSS Software.

Universities (OLSPS Analytics works with most Universities of South Africa and provide world class SPSS training to Universities).

Afrilytics is the perfect chance for organisations to combine unforgettable team building in South Africa with certified SPSS training. OLSPS Analytics is a legacy provider of SPSS software and has more than 17 years’ experience training a diverse range of clientele, from major enterprises to government departments, academic institutions, research houses and smaller commercial entities. See our SPSS Training and Leisure packages in South Africa on